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Reiner Miedel

Nexus and I before our performance 5/10/01. From left to right are:
Russ Hartenberger, Bill Cahn, (me), John Wyre, Bob Becker,
and Robin Engelman.......a great group of guys!

With two of my favorite people.
Patti Neemi (she's the pretty one)
and Rick Kvistad of the San Francisco Opera

The American Drum Company master drum builders
taking a break for the camera in their shop in Denver.

With my friends Manny Laureano, Principal Tumpet
of Minnesota Symphony, and Jeff Cole

With Roland Kohloff, Waterloo Summer of '88
where we taught and performed together

David Reeves. One of my students who was also
instructor for the Santa Clara Vanguard's Drumline

David drilling members of the Santa Clara Vanguard

The section of the Drumline known as "The Pit"

Sept '88 - Convention on the research of Black musicians
in American Symphony Orchestras,
headed by Daniel Windham (right)
Another photo at the convention. To my left with back to camera is Ann Pilot, Principal Harp of the Boston Symphony. To my immediate right is William Moyer, former General Manager of the Boston Symphony.


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